“We use Fairling instead of time-consuming trade fairs and markets in order to get in contact with suitable stores and new sales partners.”

“We found our first new reseller in a high-quality concept store in Hamburg in no time – 20 minutes after we got in touch, the order was placed.“

“We have connected to beautiful international brands through FAIRLING – and are very happy with the service.”

„Since we can’t have our eyes everywhere, FAIRLING is a very useful tool to discover new promising brands. We fell in love straight away and placed an order – only minutes after we got in touch.“


Do you offer a free trial?

We currently do not offer a free trial but we can always offer a free demo of FAIRLING to show you how we can help you optimize your sales.

How does the area protection work?

For each brand, our participating stores can click on the “storefinder” to see the other stores in europe who are already selling the product. This usually prevents from any conflict with area protection.

How many of the local stores are relevant to me?

We are really rapidly growing, so chances are high there will be enough relevant stores for your brand. If you would really like to know the actual number at the moment, we can schedule a quick demo.

How do I know if the stores actually use your product?

Imagine having to close your shop for a couple of days, flying somewhere by plane, book into a hotel and when finally attending the trade fair, you only see all the same brands from last year ever again. Now imagine opening up an app and seeing new brands every day and new products tailored to your assortment.

We do also charge a small set up fee for stores to keep engagement high.

How big is the success rate?

An average customer acquisition cost on regular trade fairs is between 500€ and 2000€ depending on the average price of the products. We are usually below 100€ sometimes as low as 30€ in some months.